Awning Lettering and Awning MASK √


This is a new product for existing awnings and canopies, whether plain or with existing (old) business names. The new LetterBank awning lettering products will help you to use what you (or your customer) already have. This relatively low-tech solution can save them hundreds of dollars in a standard application.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Two new products: Awning Letters and Awning Letters MASK (pictures below) Check to see if lettering is available- we’re getting a new plant and equipment.

March 7, 2014 – PISMO BEACH, Calif. — Two new product are now available for adding lettering and for covering up existing lettering on awnings. You can add your customer’s logo and company name to an existing awning.

LetterBank’s two new products are DuraStik™ woven fabric lettering and DuraStik MASK™ lettering panels.

This is an add-on service that you can offer directly (drop-ship) to your customers as pre-spaced, ready-to-apply letters, or order rolls of the DuraStik™ self-adhesive fabrics to cut manually or with your plotter. Available in 15″, 30″ and 54″ rolls.

The DuraStik™ lettering is the perfect in-between product for those who don’t have the budget to have new awning fabrics installed, and for those who simply want to change what an existing awning says.

What is DuraStik™?
This is a woven fabric material on rolls, with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. We have been testing this for over two years nationwide and now are ready to make it available commercially for the first time, to sign and awning companies, and at retail for the D.I.Y. end user.

LetterBank is a sign and typographic design business established in 1989. This new product introduction is to help find the middle ground for customers who don’t want to spend for new awnings; for building owners who don’t want to have their awnings permanently marked by transient business occupants, and for DIY crafters.

The concept of the DIY awning and canopy lettering and logo was born out of the need of small businesses to be able to create another option for customers and sign+awning shops, to change existing awnings without having to afford a new awning. DuraStik™ also allows less skilled sign and awning employees to cut and install picture-perfect lettering without paint skills or training. With the self-adhesive awning lettering and the new “Mask” lettering panels, awning installers and sign shops can apply their customer’s business name, products, services and logos on their awnings.

The self-adhesive lettering can stick to almost all woven fabrics available (even nylon windbreakers), however sunbrella fabrics must be individually tested, due to a wide variety of resistant finishes. It is strongly recommended that the installation awning be tested for adhesion by requesting a sample first. While the letters can ultimately be removed, this works best as a semi-permanent installation.

The newest addition to the LetterBank awning lettering is pre-spaced, pre aligned business name (wording, phone numbers, logos) already applied by us to a contrasting color panel background made of the same DuraStik™ materials, so the entire panel is applied in one piece (instead of individual lettering). This is designedso that the backing will cover existing awning lettering.

For more information about the new LetterBank awning and MASK awning products, go to

Bulk material is available to sign shops in 15”, 30” and 54” rolls, and in 15” by the foot.
Send for sample envelope-size pieces or order by the foot with a minimum of three feet.


Media Contact

Joe Giral sales@letterbank.comjoeMedia

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